13. Delivering zero carbon highway maintenance and construction

The Committee on Climate Change’s 6th carbon budget calls for construction to be largely decarbonised by 2040. Road maintenance has a big contribution to this – as a part of Government, as a major buyer of asphalt, steel, concrete and cement, and as part of an anchor organisation in Scotland. In this talk David Symons will share the practical steps which highways can take to lead the decarbonisation of road maintenance and construction. This talk will draw on National Highways’ net zero strategy which David Symons and WSP led. It will draw on the practical innovations which WSP are developing as part of the firm’s unique commitment to halve the carbon footprint of their designs and advice by 2030. These includes new materials, modular highways components and innovative reuse of existing buildings products. It will draw on the Scottish Government’s Investment Hierarchy. The talk will be lively and engaging and also will consider both what these technologies are and also how procuring authorities can drive net zero into their specifications and buying decisions.


Thursday , December 02, 13:15 - 13:45

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