Justine Botha

Principal Engineer, Civil Bridges and Ground Engineering WSP

Justine Botha is a Principal Engineer for WSP. The assessment of half-joints has been a focal point of Justine career and she is the key technical support for HJ’s in the North region within WSP. Justine has led the inspection, assessment and risk management of numerous half-joints projects in Scotland since the release of the new DMRB standard CS466 (management and assessment of concrete half-joints). Justine has worked closely with Jon Shave (lead author of CS466) to assess the application of the new code and develop best practices for the assessment of half-joints.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, December 01

5. Half-joints, assessment and management to CS466
Justine Botha Jon Shave

The presentation will introduce half-joints, the critical nature of half-joints and the overall effect that have on bridge stock and the development of the new DMRB CS466 standard “Risk Management and Structural Assessment of half-joint deck structures”.


Wednesday , December 01, 11:40 - 12:30
Nick Iannetta Donald Pearson-Kirk

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