Jon Shave

Technical Director, Civil Bridges and Ground Engineering WSP

Jon Shave is a Technical Director for WSP and is the lead author of the new DMRB standards CS 466 (management and assessment of concrete half-joints) CS 455 (assessment of concrete highway structures) and CS 454 (assessment of highway structures), among others. He is chair of the BSI committee for the assessment and retrofitting of existing structures, and is a member of the CEN project team developing a new Eurocode for assessment and retrofitting. For over 20 years Jon has supported research, developed best practice, authored standards and led the technical delivery of projects related to the management and assessment of concrete bridges. The assessment of half-joints in bridges has been a particular focus, and Jon has led recent developments in best practice.

My Speaker Sessions

Wednesday, December 01

5. Half-joints, assessment and management to CS466
Justine Botha Jon Shave

The presentation will introduce half-joints, the critical nature of half-joints and the overall effect that have on bridge stock and the development of the new DMRB CS466 standard “Risk Management and Structural Assessment of half-joint deck structures”.


Wednesday , December 01, 11:40 - 12:30
Chris Tracey Angus McDonald-Gillies

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